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Window Films

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Window Films

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Window Films

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Window Films

Window film for safety, security and energy efficiency

Our in-house design studio & print facilities provide the creative link with you, the sales team and project managers, providing Solar U.V Control, Privacy, Protection, Improving Comfort, Efficiency and Security in your Office, Home or Vehicle.

  • Solar U.V Control & Anti-glare Window Film
  • Safety & Security Window Film
  • Privacy & Frosted Window Film
  • Window Manifestations & Aesthetics
  • Bomb Blast & Anti Graffiti
  • Energy Saving Window Film
  • Conservatory Fade & Heat Reduction Film
  • Vehicle Tinting & Graphics

Our window films provide solutions for excessive solar heat, glare, energy consumption, fading, privacy and insulation. Additional benefits of our safety glass window film include a scratch resistant coating for easier cleaning and a UV filter that helps prevent the fading of furniture and furnishings. Our range of films are made of the clearest and strongest materials available on the market today and are guaranteed not to peel, bubble or discolour with time. We also provide protection films designed to offer safety, security and blast alleviation. We can offer decorative and graphic films, enhancing window aesthetics, comfort and brand awareness of your company, be it a simple logo or full colour printed decorative glass design, manifestations or wall display. We provide different types of vehicle film tint from classic black and solar to extreme black with many more options available. As well as being decorative they reduce glare, heat and the damaging effects of U.V rays that accelerate the deterioration of your interior, causing trim to fade, split or crack, therefore enhancing both interior and exterior appearance. The U.V inhibitors will also protect your skin by blocking 99.9% of the harmful U.V. We offer free quotations and our approved technicians are backed by manufacturer’s warrantees on all installations nationwide. Our window films are an ultra-thin polyester-based material that can be applied to any glass surface. It is commonly used to…

  • Reduce energy bills
  • Control temperature
  • Improve safety and security
  • Minimise glare
  • Enhance comfort
  • Block UV radiation
  • Protect furnishings, carpets, etc.
  • Maximise space within a room
  • Increase privacy
  • Provide signage and decoration
  • Protection from Bomb blasts


window graphics

Window Graphics

Installation of window graphics for privacy ...

conservatory fade and heat reduction

Conservatory windows fade and heat reduction


computer cut vinyl and etched vinyl graphics

Computer cut vinyl and etched vinyl graphics


Conservatory roof Film

Conservatory roof film


Office glass windows with beautiful reflection in Hong Kong, Asia.

UV solar control window films


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